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Womersley Park

Womersley is a lovely village in Selby District in the county of Yorkshire. It is 6 miles from Pontefract, 11 miles from Selby, and 14 miles from Doncaster and has a population of approximately 500 people according to the 2011 census.

Womersley War Memorial

Walkers can enjoy a delightful a circular walk of about 7.5 miles in the pleasant countryside to the south of Womersley, encompassing the small villages of the Smeatons and Waldon Stubbs. Which is the southernmost tip of North Yorkshire and easy accessable from South and West Yorkshire. Click here for the pdf.

There are several places to visit along the route starting on the main street, a slight deviation to the walk takes you to the Blue Lagoon Diving & Leisure, once back on the footpath visit Little Smeaton and Kirk Smeaton and Waldon Stubbs. Once back in Womersley visit the lovely 

double-spout pumpChurch of St. Martins and the Courtyard Tea Room.

 Or for a shorter walk why not walk from the Courtyard car park towards the Church, carry on and take the footpath down the side of the graveyard. Follow this path and keep on the left side of the field, and at the bottom corner of the field go left. After 50 yards you will come out onto the end of Cow Lane. For a short walk turn left onto Cow Lane and Left at the end will bring you back to The Courtyard. Alternatively, for a bit longer walk, you can go right over the railway line and walk out on the farm tracks, just turn round when ready and retrace your route back to the railway. Either follow the path back via the route you came out, or follow Cow Lane as above. Warning - this can be a muddy walk!

The Parish Council owns a play area with play equipment and a play field just off Cow Lane on the Main Street.

On the Main Street there is an interesting double-spout pump with a compound handle, which may date back to 1842.

In the Churchyard is the Womersley War Memorial.